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Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf is a real silly movie. It was made in the 1980s and stars Michael J Fox as a teenage boy who discovers he is a werewolf. He is on the school basketball team, I don't think they are a very good team, and the girl who he fancies is not interested in him.

When he discovers he is a werewolf, his dad finds him and exposes that he is also a werewolf. Being one of these gives he super human abilities, and great confidence and charisma. He becomes extremely popular and the girl who he fancies begins to notice him. All of the popularity goes to his head, and his true friends begin to resent him for who he is turning into and it takes some wise words from his dad to begin to realise what he is doing.

MIchael J Fox looks very silly as the wolf. He is covered in hair, and his face looks like someone off Planet of the Apes. He does play the role very well. He is definately one of the best actors from the 1980s and he is great in his role he plays here. It is just a little bit sad that the whole of the story is very far-fetched and ridiculous.

His dad is played by an actor called James Hampton wqho has been in loads of different things so when you see him you will recognise him straight away. He is great as the dad in this movie. He comes across as a very wise and responsible father to Michael J Fox.

There are some things in this movie that i think are a bit strange and don't make sense. First, Michael J Fox is extremely short and not particularly athletic, si I don't know why he is on the basketball team, he doesn't look anything like a basketballer. Also, When he becomes the wolf, he becomes very good at basketball. I did not know Wolfs were so good at basketball, so why should he become good?

But I do enjoy this movie. It is entertaining and a good travel back through time to the 1980s by watching this. I had fun watching it and remember watching this when I was small. It is a very silly movie but lots of fun to watch.


Complete Flashbacks

Thanks for posting this review. I have just read it and I am now having total flashbacks from watching one Sunday afternoon, about 10 years ago. Real nice review.


Hey Astar, you have echoed my words exactly, I loved this movie when I was younger. But have never seen it in years and years. I must go and hunt it out now. I need to watch this. I NEED TO WATCH THIS!!!!!!!!!!! Ania-Espana I do like your review, and you seem to have some great reviews on here as well. Keep it up